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Development of new construction materials based on mineral binders derived from waste


Within the European Union, more than 5 billion tones of industrial and agricultural waste is produced per year. The objective of the proposed project is the production of cost-effective, high- performance construction materials and products based on these resources, such as mine tailings, reactive ashes, slag, straw and husk. This project will develop the technological foundation for creative utilisation of these wasted resources. From exploratory investigations by the technology-based partner, a mineral binder system is in the process of being developed. These binders promise to be more economic than ordinary cements due to their lower energy requirements, whilst being more environment-friendly than synthetic binders. Unlike calcium silicate based hydraulic cement systems, the new binders are based on alumina silicate reactions, known for their superior durability and strength characteristics. The option of using such waste materials as fillers and fibre reinforcement will also be pursued.

The aims of the project will be:
* to carry out the pre-competitive stage of developing such binders * to prepare a wide range of specimens for determining micro-structure and mechanical properties
* to verify long-term durability and performance of these materials in aggressive environments
* to produce and test prototypes for three major application areas: - building and infrastructure components
- insulative, fire resistant materials
- surface treatments for concrete and metal protection.

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