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The Training Technology & Telematics Round Table



The T3 Round Table is a group of dedicated and experienced users of technology for training purposes.

T3 Round Table members cover the whole business chain of training technology.

The T3RT is sharing one goal: to improve their own and Europe's competitiveness through training technology, as user or as supplier.

Members are companies that are significant and representative of any sector of the business. This includes technology providers, telecommunications, satellite, and service operators, learning material developers, providers and publishers and organisations of training technology users and/or universities. The T3RT has a limited number of seats and strives for optimal balance in both geographical and sectorial senses. To be effective and accepted as an influential group, Members have high-level managers representing their organisation in the T3RT. Eligible organisations can notify their wish to become a Member of the T3RT to the Secretary of the T3RT

Members are committed to support the general objectives and recommendations of the T3RT and must actively participate in Working Groups of the T3RT. Attendance at the bi-yearly General Meetings is required.

Members' Rights include suggesting Issues to be addressed by Working Groups, participation in Working Groups, providing insight into all Conclusions of Working Groups, and, of course, the use and distribution of T3RT recommendations as benefits their company, the T3RT and especially the industry at large.

The Steering Committee is responsible for preparing and implementing decisions of the General Meeting. At present the Steering Committee is composed of the companies VMC, Philips, Deutsche Bundespost Telekom, SATURN, Klett Verlag, and FFT.
T3RT identified an important gap between the project, initiatives dedicated to training technology and the daily activities of company training departments and other end-users. It recommended that there should be substantial and focussed action to involve real users all along the education and training chain.

All work required to prepare a decision by the T3RT general meeting is performed by Working Groups. Any Member of the T3RT may suggest Issues to be investigated and decided upon by the T3RT according to the following procedure however the whole T3RT votes whether to proceed with work on the Issue. In preparation for this vote the proposing Member prepares a Terms of Reference which is in essence a description, justification and working plan for the Issue.

Working Groups are staffed by experts from the member companies. The actual Member (high-level manager) Representatives are usually not directly included in Working Groups. Once a Working Group for an Issue has been established it has the following responsibilities: To collect information and appropriate technologies in an open process, normally through a public Request. To prepare Conclusions, consisting of a draft Recommendation of the T3RT on the Issue involved, accompanied by a full report of its analysis and considerations. To consult Previewers and Members if deemed necessary to reach consensus. To prepare a consensus decision for the T3RT on the Issue it addresses, within the Terms of Reference.


Presently the following Working Groups have started:

Optimal distribution and communication mechanisms; chaired by DBP Telekom
Description of the state of the art and further trends (end of 90's) of distribution and communication mechanisms which will have a positive impact on the use of training technology in EC countries, especially in relation to learners behavior and expectations, costs and the needs of course providers and companies as users.
Designing for migration to new technologies; chaired by Lloyds Bank
Which migration paths and what related problems are foreseen for moving learning material to different platforms and how can we design to minimize these problems in the future
Turning companies into learning organizations; chaired by IBM
How to best transform a company into a Learning Organization, where education technologies and learning opportunities are used in an optimal way
Technology for traditional trainers; chaired by Bull
How do we bring technology close to traditional trainers? Or, how do we help trainers to integrate technologies into the training sub-system?
Current use of training technology in Europe; chaired by Jutland Telephone
An analysis of the current use of technology within the target group of teaching/presentation with the aim of using the experience gained through this use in the future implementation of new technology
Copyright issues for learning material; chaired by IEPRC
Are there existing answers to copyright issues that arise in preparation, publication and use of multimedia training materials?
Harmonization of multimedia platforms for flexible and distance learning in relation to a common training architecture; chaired by VMC
Investigation of mechanisms to harmonize between industrial R&D projects and the definition of a multimedia platform for FDL and the measures that should be taken to improve its acceptance
How to stimulate publishers to invest in a future market for training technology products and services; chaired by Klett Publishing

Companies will only invest in the installation of equipment if applications are available already. Therefore publishers play a crucial role for the large scale uptake of training technology. Part of the work will concentrate on an analysis of the awareness in the market for opportunities for publishing training technology products.


The T3 round Table forms a bridge between R&D results and the learning Technology market. At one side it provides feedback on R&D from the viewpoint of industrial users and providers, which facilitates rapid and effective market uptake. At the other side it helps to define user requirements and market priorities for future R&D and harmonization work.


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