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Environmental Forecasting for the Effective Control of Traffic


The objective of the project is to predict poor local air quality in real time and then to initiate effective traffic demand management measures to reduce pollution levels in particular problem areas.

This will be achieved through establishing Local Environmental Management Boards, and integrating air quality models with real-time information on traffic flows, pollutant concentrations and meteorological conditions, and thereby identifying pollution 'hotspots'. The traffic demand management strategies will be designed to reduce the pollution levels at the hotspot. The demand management tools include Variable Message Signs and traffic messages broadcast on FM radio digitally using RDS-TMC.

Major Validation Sites
Arena Test Site, Gothenburg, SE
Leicester, UK
Maidstone, UK
Volos , GR

The users comprise traffic and environmental authorities, environmental consultative groups, and the public. Within the project they are:
- in the UK: Kent County Council, Maidstone Borough Council Environmental Health, the Department of the Environment, Leicester County Council, and the general public
- in Greece: Municipality of Volos, Car Free Cities Club
- in Sweden: Swedish National Road Administration, City of Gothenberg, Environmental Protection Office, and the general public
- other cities which will be associated with the work.

The components of the project concern monitoring of traffic conditions, roadside air quality and weather, air quality modelling and prediction based on real-time and historic data, analysis and demonstration of traffic demand management.

Expected Benefits
- better information and knowledge of local air quality,
- near real-time improvement of air quality in 'hotspot' locations
- improved capabilities to manage traffic demand and control traffic
- more strategy options available for controlling transport demand
- improved software for air quality monitoring and management
- demonstration of sensors for roadside air quality monitoring.

Contribution to EU Policies
Monitoring of traffic pollution improved development of tools to reduce traffic pollution at hotspot locations.

Call for proposal

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Kent County Council

United Kingdom

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Participants (8)

City of Gothenberg
Euro TRANS Consulting Ltd
United Kingdom
Halcrow Fox Limited
United Kingdom
Leicester County Council
United Kingdom
Swedish National Roads Administration
The Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute
United Kingdom
Woodhouse Lane
LS2 9JT Leeds

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Volos Municipal Enterprise for Urban Studies Development and Innovation