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Public environmental information services for European cities


EnviroCity delivers environmental information to the urban public by means of telematics. It aggregates and integrates different levels of heterogeneous information into a synthetic picture, and delivers it to the public by two methods: queries from public PC-terminals, and projection on to large city information panels. The end product of this project will be a pre-demonstrator.

The system is based on existing Geographical Information System and database query technologies and the Internet-WWW. Information for input to the EnviroCity system is taken from existing municipal databases and other sources. Any European city can join as a user of the system.
The project will deliver a users' requirements analysis, geographical information system software in pre-prototype form, and pilot verifications (pre-demonstrator). The pre-prototype will be developed on air quality data and information from the city of Munich and will be further implemented using air quality data from the cities of Antwerp, Piraeus and Vitoria. In addition, verification of an ecology-related application will be undertaken for the city of Lamia.
In the longer term, two types of users can be served: environmental experts and the general public. However, all types of user are considered in the User Requirements Analysis, which covers the categories of homes, industry, schools, universities, administrations, planners, commuters, and the European Environment Agency. It takes into account the air, land-soil, water, and ecosystems components of the city environment.
EnviroCity is a one-year project. Results will be disseminated to the EUROCITIES network, to schools and to workshops to be identified, and one workshop to be organised by the city of Munich. The partners intend to form a network to commercialise the software and provide added-value services.

Major Validation Sites
City of Munich, DE
City of Lamia, GR
City of Vitoria, ES
City of Antwerp, BE
Prefecture of Piraeus, GR

The users are the City of Munich, City of Lamia and Prefecture of Piraeus in Greece, City of Antwerp, and the City of Vitoria in Spain.

The project will develop Geographical Information System software to access city databases and public information, a WWW home page and interconnection software, and software for access and queries. Operational protocols will be established based on standard technologies.and demonstrate basic system functionalities.

Expected Benefits
- on-line, up-to-date and accurate information from various sources
- queries at public terminals and projection on to large city panels or via the Internet-WWW
- presentation for a variety of users from user-specified synthetic picture
- information offered free during development of the service
- economic price when market value established
- potential for added-value software and hardware products, based on this project, tailored to environmental information distribution and dissemination services.

Contribution to EU Policies
Based on the Freedom of Public Information Act, the European Environment Agency may have on-line access to information via the WWW, and thus, may access and assess cities' information in an effective and accurate manner.

Call for proposal

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Participants (10)

City of Antwerp
City of Lamia
City of Vitoria
ESRI-España Geosistemas S.A.
Epsilon International SA
IMPETUS International S.A.
Prefecture of Piraeus
Stadt München