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Turbulent combustion and diagnostics


Research coordinated by Harwell Combustion Centre in the frame of the contract EN3E008800.

A. Selection of standard turbulent diffusion flame.
B. Experimental and numerical investigations on turbulent premixed and diffusion flames. Interaction between turbulent structure and the reaction mechanisms. To be performed in close collaboration with CNRS ORLEANS, DFVLR KOELN.

A. Design of standard turbulent diffusion flame
- Plans shear layer diffusion flame
- Disk or Swirl
- Stabilized axisymmetric flame
Data measurement : Time mean and fluctuation of velocities of temperature, reaction intensity (Ionisation)...
The selected standard design will be made available to the other cooperating bodies of the project - Comparison of the data.

B. Development of burner for investigation of flame structure resulting from different values of turbulence parameters (turbulence intensity, scale and energy spectra of turbul. the cold flow...)
Evaluation from the experimental results including theoretical analysis the effect of local turbulent structure on flame propagation and velocities.


Kaiserstrasse 12
76128 Karlsruhe

Participants (1)

United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA)
United Kingdom
Harwell Laboratory
OX11 0RA Didcot