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Study of reactions between dry rocks and heat exchange fluids


To study the reaction between water and rock in order to obtain a better understanding of reactions that happen in a hot dry rock system.

Reactions between rocks and heat exchange fluid change both the structure and chemical composition of the heat source rocks. Since the surfaces are of foremost interest, the investigations will be mainly concerned with these. The reaction mechanisms will be determined on the basis of measured reaction rates and reaction products. Major and trace elements will be measured in solution as well as surface structures and secondary minerals. HDO will be used to study the possible replacement of metal cations by H-O+. Solids and liquids will be analysed with sims and mass spectrometry.
Experiments with natural mineral phases likely to be formed as alteration products of hdr reservoir rocks by interaction with aqueous solutions have shown that these solids will continue to react giving hydrous, voluminous products. During rock corrosion trace elements follow a different reaction scheme compared to major components.


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