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Using all the wind data available, 3 sites (Straits of Gibraltar, Ebro Valley and La Corunna) were chosen. Several models for wind data correlation have been developed and the wind potential of these sites has been calculated. The optimal wind potential has a penetration level in the year 2000 of 1.5% which is equivalent to 2397 GWh wind energy. 3 additional scenarios have been evaluated (5%, 10% and 15%) with an equivalent of 8727 GWh, 17293 GWh, and 26115 GWh.

The capacity credit for each penetration level has been calculated and the figures are 92 MW (1.5%), 550 MW (5%), 1100 MW (10%) and 1650 MW (15%), which corresponds to a guaranteed power of 92 MW, 372 MW, 737 MW and 1057 MW respectively. The economic evaluations show a wide variation in results as a function of fuel costs and capital costs for both conventional and wind equipment. The optimal scenario has an IRR of 4%, a pay back of 17.64 years with an interest rate of 3% and a benefit to cost ratio of 1.08.

The evaluation of other technical aspects, such as control problems, voltage control, reactive power and primary network show no specific problems in dealing with the forecast levels of wind energy penetration.

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