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Eionet Telematics Application Development Group


By April 1997 the hardware infrastructure for a European Environmental Information and Observation Network (EIONET) will have been installed by the IDA program (Interchange of Data between Administrations). In the first stage this network will connect EIONET National Focal Point (NFPS) in each Member State to the European Environment Agency. It will later on be extended to European Topic Centres and other EU Institutions.
The EIOAPP concerted action is to achieve the installation of useful and good-quality applications on the EIONET network and to facilitate the adoption of telematic services in close cooperation with EIONET users.
EIOAPP will thus pursue the following objectives:
- define, identify and evaluate telematic applications for the EIONET
- tackle questions of data and information management
- initiate and test procedures
- evaluate EIONET applications
- discuss issues concerning an extension of the telematic network to national sites and CEE countries.

The main tools will be the development of guidelines and reports on issues related to the installation of applications and data management questions of the EIONET, and to perform tests of applications in cooperation with users.
Eventually EIOAPP efforts will result in:
- enhanced day-to-day communication within the EIONET
- exchange of documents and data based on agreed standards
- efficient reporting with enhanced procedures for request and delivery of information
- ease of access to databases and resources at national (NFPs) and thematic level (ETCs).

Major Validation Sites
As this is a concerted action the conventional definition of Major Validation Sites is not applicable.

The EIOAPP project will include the following users of the EIONET telematic network: EIONET National Focal Points, EIONET European Topic Centres, ITTAG (Information Technology Advisory Group of EIONET), European Environment Agency (EEA).

The project uses regular meetings as well as the infrastructure of the telematic network for coordination on EIONET applications and network management.

Expected Benefits
Eventually the citizen will benefit from major project aims such as better quality information about Europe's state of the environment, easier access to timely, reliable and comparable data and thematic integration of distributed environmental information (data warehouse).
EIONET users will benefit from the development of sound and standardised telematics applications which facilitate reporting tasks at the national and European levels and supports an operational EIONET.
From specifications of telematic services required in the EIONET, EIOAPP will provide incentives for new telematics applications, determined by users needs.

Contribution to EU Policies
EU-policies will benefit from EIOAPP results via:
- assistance in the provision of timely, reliable and comparable information according to the EEA mandate
- improved efficiency of the European reporting processes
- enhanced day-to-day co-operation between national environmental administrations.



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