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Content archived on 2024-05-21

Electricity market liberalisation in europe (emelie); market imperfections and its implications on the european economic and environmental situation.


Objectives and Problems to be solved:
Main scientific goal of this project EMELIE is the assessment of the economic and environmental long-term impacts by the liberalisation of the European electricity market. For that, a unified, sophisticated European game theoretic modelling tool as decision support tool is developed. Market power is one important reason of market imperfections or distortions. Main aim of this modelling tool is to investigate the different strategic behaviour opportunities of European electricity suppliers. Primarily, EMELIE focuses on the investigation of the liberalisation of the European electricity market and its potential impacts on market developments and thus impacts on available technologies, environmental developments and the economic competitiveness in the individual European countries and in Europe as a whole.
Description of Work:
The EMELIE project aim is to develop a modelling tool that can serve as a decision support tool as well as a tool for analysis of various strategic behaviours of the European electricity market. The value added of this modelling exercise is that it is a dynamic game theoretic model that aims to provide useful insights on various aspects concerning the functioning of liberalised electricity markets in the context of a transition process from a monopolistic market to a perfectly competitive market.
The project aims that the model will incorporate some of the constraints determined by the current developments in European electricity market such as:
environmental protection,
increased share of renewable energy sources in the national energy mix and bilateral electricity trading as well as emissions trading.
These constraints (and as a consequence the market response to them) are of crucial importance both to decision makers as well as to the utilities themselves. Expected Results and Exploitation plans: Deliverables: Decision support system to assess the impact of different scenarios about the liberalisation on the electricity markets. Reports, manual and computer code shall be available on the project website. The target and interest groups cover decision maker, utilities, policy maker and scientists. The final output is the final report of the whole project EMELIE and the modelling tool available on the Internet. The final outcome cover a decision support tool in order to assess the economic consequences of the liberalisation of the electricity market in Europe, the results of this project are of commercial, social and scientific interest and are not intended to be used exclusively.

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