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Strategic assessment framework for the implementation of rational energy - local planning (SAFIRE-LP)


Objectives and Problems to be solved The primary objective of the SAFIRE LP project is to develop a new version of the key E3 (economy-environment-energy) SAFIRE model. This model will be dedicated for use as a local sustainable energy-planning tool, and will be designed by the potential users, to be user-friendly, transparent, and cost effective, through the direct participation of municipality associations, local government and other interested parties. Underlying this objective, the team aims to eliminate a key barrier to the widespread development of sustainable energy in Europe, which is preventing and delaying project identification and development. The barrier is caused by lack of communication between developers and local government, combined by the lack of experience/knowledge at a local level. The final objective is to test the value of SAFIRE LP to break the barrier, through the use of a learning-by-doing set of SAFIRE LP case studies, held in three Central and Eastern European countries. Description of
Work Package 1: Inception This will bring together all the key partners. The kick-off meeting defined the logistics of the project, created understanding among the team, and determined the scope of the project.
Work Package 2: Country Team Preparation country team representing the key representatives involved in local energy planning in each country was selected. They provided input to the project, helped define the SAFIRE LP specification, and defined the framework for the case studies. Work Package
3: SAFIRE LP Specification & Methodology This determined the full requirements for the SAFIRE LP model. The old version of SAFIRE was reviewed, all potential users questioned through a User Needs Survey, and the methodology for the inclusion of a spatial planning module to SAFIRE LP defined. At all times, the focus remained on keeping to the main SAFIRELP objectives. Work Package
4: SAFIRE-LP Development SAFIRE LP has been developed according to the specification. The three main modelling partners continuously reviewed progress and maintained contact to ensure that the work has been performed according to specification. The team have created a new version of SAFIR ELP, which has been translated into Lithuanian, Slovak and Slovenian. Work Package
5: Case Studies & Extrapolation The case studies have tested the relative success of SAFIRE LP. The act of "learning by doing" is providing the team with feedback and is being a coherent test of the model. The selected municipalities have installed SAFIRELP, received training, and performed the case studies.
Work Package 6: SAFIRE LP Reviewing conjunction with the national municipality associations, the team is currently reviewing the success of SAFIRE LP as a tool for local sustainable energy planning. Having been tested or reviewed in five European countries, the team is also assessing any further recommendations or improvements for integration into SAFIRE LP. Expected Results
1. New SAFIRE LP computer model dedicated to local planning
2. SAFIRE P translated into 3 new languages (Lithuanian, Slovak, Slovenian)
3. SAFIRE LP installed & tested in 3 case study municipalities
4. Review of national expansion of SAFIRE LP in 5 Accession countries

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