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Content archived on 2024-05-15

Combined cycle power plant with integrated low temperature heat (LOTHECO)


Objectives and problems to be solved:
The project is aimed at investigating and developing a new concept of Natural Gas Fired Combined Cycle, which makes use of low temperature waste heat for the evaporation of water droplets in an air-water mixture before entering the combustor of the gas turbine. A significant part of the work focuses on the performance of feasibility studies for potential test cases of application and a market survey for the basic components of the Combined Cycle (gas turbine, compressor, evaporator, heat recovery boiler with condensation and condensate polishing plant). Experimental work is carried out on the combustion of natural gas with an air-water vapour mixture. A basic technical problem to be solved is the instability of combustion that may occur; a pilot flame with higher oxygen content may be necessary. Description of work: The work carried out for the current project is divided in five Work Packages.
Work Package 1 is aimed at the development and optimisation of the new Combined Cycle, using a cycle calculation program and an optimisation algorithm.
Work Package 2 includes a market survey for the adaptation of the compressor and gas turbine and an experimental study on the combustion of natural gas with an air-water vapour mixture, using a modified combustor sector from a helicopter gas turbine.
Work Package 3 deals with the identification of the evaporator's specifications, the study of the heat recovery boiler with condensation and a market survey on these components.
Work Packages 4 is aimed at the identification of one ISCCS (Integrated Solar Combined Cycle System) project and the calculation, evaluation and comparison of the ISCCS thermodynamic cycle with the new Combined Cycle. A market survey of potential sites for adaptation of the new Combined Cycle concept is also carried out. Finally, Work package 5 includes a study of the economic, environmental and social impacts of the new Combined Cycle. Expected Results and Exploitation Plans: The expected results of this project are
- Optimisation of the new Combined Cycle and formulation of proposals on the compressor's and gas turbine's configuration.
- Optimisation of the combustion chamber.
- Study of the evaporator, the heat recovery boiler with condensation and the condensate polishing plant. - Identification of potential sites for adaptation of the new concept The results of this project can be exploited for the formulation of a competitive and high efficiency Combined Cycle with advanced fuel utilisation and improved emissions of pollutants, for adaptation by the European power production sector.

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