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Content archived on 2024-05-21

Component reliability of solid oxide fuel cell systems for commercial operation (CORE-SOFC)


Solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC) have the potential to become the energy generation system of the 21st century due to their high efficiency and low emissions of CO2, NOx and BOx. The reliability and durability of the BOFC, however, is still too low for long-term operation. Hence, this project aims to improve the reliability of planar SOFC and to achieve a loss in performance less than 0.75% per 1000 hoperation time. The project is based on identically fabricated cells, long-term tests (1000-5000 hours) and a careful micro-structural analysis of the tested units. The influence of operating parameters and materials will be investigated and work will concentrate on the influence of contact layers and interconnect materials. Detection of deterioration mechanisms and solutions for avoiding degradation are envisaged. Apart from the electrochemical determination of degradation, thermal cycling of cells with model stacks will be carried out.
-An online database accessible via internet for all partners is installed to collect sample specifications, test results and documents;
- Identical cells have been fabricated and screen printed with optimised cathode powders;
- A comparison between spray-dried and spray-pyrolised powders was made and the quality of both types of powders was analysed;
- From cathode and anode contact powders suspensions with better quality for wet powder spraying and contact behaviour to the steel substrates have been produced. Unfortunately, the anode contact powder shows poor electronic conductivity and it seems to be questionable whether this material can be used in SOFCs;
- A special multi-specimen test rig for contact resistance measurements between cell, contact layer and interconnect is built up. The contact resistance tests of the different steels and contact powders are ongoing;
- For comparison with stack tests at the end of this project initial stack tests using standard SOFC materials were performed;
- Testing protocols were defined at each partner;
-A theoretical thermomechanical model for analysis of multi-layer components was developed.

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