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Recommendations for design of offshore wind turbines (RECOFF)


Objectives and problems to be solved:
The project aims at the provision of recommendations for a standard for design of offshore wind turbines. Readily available information will be utilised to the extent possible, and where a need is identified, research and development will be performed. The project is structured in accordance with the typical components of a standard.
Description of work:
These main tasks are reflected in the project work packages:
1. External conditions: identification and description of wind, waves, ice etc.,
2. Analysis methods: generation of loads from external conditions,
3. Design load cases: identification of a suitable number of representative load cases,
4. Probabilistic methods: new models for decision-making on load cases,
5. Structural integrity: specification of e.g. partial safety coefficients,
6. Operation and maintenance: labour safety and standard method for data collection, and finally
7. Project management and communication: management, preparation and execution of seminars for external parties such as manufacturers.
Expected results and exploitation plans: The outcome of the project is potential savings in construction cost and/or increased safety/reliability for the turbines and the substructures. This is obtained by applying existing state-of-the-art knowledge into a new area of wind turbine design as well as developing new knowledge where necessary. The recommendations will be addressed directly to the two-standardisation bodies: the International Electro technical Commission (IEC) and the European CENELEC.

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