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Content archived on 2024-05-27

Repair and recoat of modern gasturbine blades and vanes to extend service life and improvement of thermal efficiency.


The objective of the proposal RTD project is to track, analyse and evaluate product innovation with regard to the overall repair process. Theoretical solutions must then be developed under consideration of research on the state-of-the-art as well as on the patent situation. Within the bounds of a calculable but high scientific, engineering and economic risk, experimental investigations must be performed to establish the basis for production-oriented application development of new technologies in the repair sector for gas turbine and aircraft engine parts. The contents of this RTD project are divided into the following main focal points :
- Development of a process for chemical/physical cleaning of gas turbine parts which have been in service. Particular emphasis must be placed on modern design features such as thermal barrier coating, single-crystal castings, internal coating, etc.
- Development of "green process" for treatment of cleaning fluids contaminated by oxidizing complexes :
- Development of a process for automated high-pressure water jet stripping of vacuum plasma-sprayed, diffused overlay MCrAIY-type coatings on modern gas turbine blades with film cooling.

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