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Content archived on 2024-05-21

Dispower - distributed generation with high penetration of renewable energy sources.


Objectives and Problems to be solved:
Due to the ongoing process of deregulation of the European energy market, the unbundled energy sector is now in transition to more competition in electricity generation, distribution and trading. With free access to the electrical distribution grids and suitable energy wheeling conditions, new players will arrive in the competitive market, further supporting the already existing trend towards more distributed generation (DG) of power, which has mainly been induced by the increasing integration of Renewable Energy Sources (RES). This development will lead to many technological as well as regulatory challenges and will require a further development of the legal framework conditions. The project intends to support the above-mentioned process of transition of nowadays energy supply system towards a more decentralised and market oriented supply structure. Description of the work :The objectives comprise a wide range of energy and information technology related topics. Starting with the elaboration of strategies and concepts for grid stability and system control in distributed generation networks, the basis for the application of tomorrow's power supply technologies will be built. The preparation of safety and quality standards in DG networks and investigations on quality improvements and requirements of distributed generators including inverter coupled power stations will be analysed as well as socio-economic issues like assessment of impacts to consumers by information and communication technologies, energy trading and load management. The development of planning, design and training tools to ensure reliable and cost effective integration of DG components into regional and local grid structures will furthermore support the case studies and the set-up of pilot applications during the project. The creation of Internet based information systems for improved communication, energy management and trading as well as investigations on contract and tariff issues regarding energy trading, wheeling and ancillary services will support the development of the legal framework conditions. Improvement and adaptation of test facilities and performance of experiments for development of DG components, control systems as well as design, planning and training tools intends to support the set-up of new components and installations. In order to achieve these challenging objectives, a competent consortium from eleven countries has been set up covering all major key actors in the energy sector such as electrical utilities (DSO and TSO), power industry, consultants and research institutions. This broad consortium will ensure a streamlined technological development on European level making use of various national resources and of the co-operation with international networks. Expected Results and Exploitation Plans: The DISPOWER project will help to prepare the safe, reliable and high quality implementation of distributed generation into European grids focussing on the efficient integration of renewable energy sources. The well-balanced partnership will avoid duplication of work and will support an harmonised European approach for the introduction of the new technologies.

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