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Integration of dsg technology for electricity production - (INDITEP)


Objectives and problems to be solved:
Direct steam generation in the absorber pipes of parabolic trough solar collectors (the so-called DSG process) is a promising option to reduce costs of solar power plants using this type of collectors, because it could achieve a 26% reduction in the cost of electricity produced with these solar power plants. INDITEP is based on the experience and knowledge gathered by the Partners in the DISS project and it is the logical continuation of DISS. Once the technical feasibility of the DSG technology has been experimentally proven in DISS-phase II, INDITEP will undertake four main work packages aimed at integrating the DSG technology into the energy market:
a) engineering design of a first 5MWe pre-commercial DSG power plant,
b) development of advanced components to enhance the competitiveness of the DSG technology (e.g. cheap water/steam separator, buffer-storage unit, advanced components to increase the steam temperature from 400ºC to 500ºC, etc.),
c) qualification of key components and operation procedures for DSG power plants, and) socio-economic research on the DSG technology. Description of work and problems to be solved :Four Work Packages are included in INDITEP to achieve the project objectives:
1. Engineering detail design of a 5MWe pre-commercial DSG power plant. Such a detail design is required before the procurement of components and implementation of the first commercial plant. The experience and know-how acquired by the DISS Partners will be applied in INDITEP to design this first commercial plant, adopting a steam Rankine cycle with hybridisation.
2. Integration enhancement of DSG technology developing advanced system components to increase, from 400ºC to 500ºC, the temperature of the superheated steam produced by the solar field.
3. Qualification of key components and O&M procedures for the pre-commercial plant. This qualification is required in order to avoid unexpected problems and assure the good performance of a first commercial plant. The DSG test facility implemented at the PSA during the DISS project will be used for this purpose.
4. Socio-economic study to identify potential market niches for DSG power plants and to assess the integration potential of this new technology. Expected results: The main results items planned in INDITEP are the following:
- Engineering design for a 5Mwe pre-commercial DSG power plant (Hybridised Rankine cycle).
- Manufacture and delivery for testing at the PSA of at least one prototype water/steam separator specially designed for DSG solar fields.
- Manufacture of pipes provided with a new selective coating for 550ºC. Design and delivery of parts to integrate a secondary concentrator into a complete non-evacuated absorber prototype.
- Modification of the PSA DISS test facility to perform the qualification tests, in particular by adding two additional collectors to achieve typical operation parameters of the future commercial system (e.g. nominal power, mass flow etc.).

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