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Development of an innovative acidic shape-selective mineral catalyst added pelletised fuel from organic wastes


The problem of converting organic waste and residual substances into a further subsequent and meaningful use is a problem of European dimension. Despite intensive efforts to reduce waste and residual sub-stances from households and industry, large quantities still remain which must be deposited. One of the most pressing waste management problems are allocated with the treatment of municipal solid waste (MSW), PVC waste, sewage sludge and light-shredder fractions from car recycling. The objective of this project is the development of an innovative acidic shape-selective mineral catalyst added palletised fuel from organic wastes and to develop a prototype process for binding harmful materials in the production of briquettes from waste products by adding inorganic compounds such as CaO, MgO, MgCO3, silicates or Al2O3 and some acidic mineral catalyst. The product will be a dry pellet with comparable combustion and gasification qualities to coal, so that it can be burned directly without any necessary adaptation of an incineration or boiler system and without the need of further waste gas treatment.

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