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Two dimensional modeling of direct methanol fuel cells


The direct methanol fuel cell (DMFC) is projected as a potential power source for vehicular traction and static power due to its simplicity of design. The current understanding of the behavior of the DMFC is mainly based on zero-dimensional (0-D) and one-dimensional (l-D) models which are frequently inadequate for performance prediction and optimization. Almost in all literature models, material parameters are considered independent from local transport conditions.

Overall to fully understand the behavior of the fuel cell and enable effective optimization and design of materials for the cell requires models which incorporate the influence of structure on transport properties and electrocatalytic properties and an extension to, at least, two dimensions. The research programme is aimed at understanding the overall behavior of Direct Methanol Fuel Cells, through the development and assessment of predictive models, mainly in 2-D, and through validation with extensive experimental data set.


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1999/C 77/15
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