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Reduction of toxic metal emissions from industrial combustion plants-impact of emission control technologies (TOMERED)


The use of bio fuels for power generation in dedicated plants or as additional fuel to coal has demonstrated to be a feasible option to support the EU policy for reduced CO2-emissions. However, the use of these fuels has distinct influences on the combustion conditions and therefore on the volatilisation of elements and particle formation. Especially toxic metals (ToMe) like Pb, Cr , Cd and especially Hg are influenced in their enrichment behaviour on fine particle fractions through changes in their speciation by oxidation, reduction and sorption with flash and changes in removal efficiency of applied APCDs. The proposed project will identify changes in the emission behaviour of ToMe while (co-) firing of bio fuel/coal fuel blends. The objectives of this proposed project are to develop and evaluate possibilities to reduce the emission of ToMe e.g. by fuel blending, development of low cost sorbents and novel multi-pollutant cleaning systems.

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