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Content archived on 2024-05-27

Process integration of biogas and fuelcell technology via simulation of the gas purification process (PROBAT)


Due to the complex question of the biogas cleaning system we look for two postgraduate students: The first one's objectives are centered on the modelling /simulation of the biological H2S cleaning process. At the beginning it is necessary to observe the most important parameters to attain a continuous series of data. Therefore he shall carry out an experimental study of H2S removal in the bio trickling filter. On the basis of the experimental data a correlation of the input trace gaze concentrations to the resulting output concentrations will beamed. He will use the results of the laboratory tests for training a neural network. In parallel to that he will develop the simulation model, which is based on the Modelica Simulation language. For the validation of the simulation model, data from the EU project EFFECTIVE can be used. Through coupling of the neuronal net with Modelica it can be tested, if the neural net used the right algorithm. The second postgraduate student should develop a simulation tool for a comprehensive Biogas Cleaning Unit. Based on the results of the experiments of the other fellow and laboratory tests, made in the EU project AMONCO, the model will be developed. The aim is here, to simulate the coupling of different cleaning methods (chemical , physical and biological) to a comprehensive and cost effective Biogas Cleaning Unit . Again the Modelica simulation language should be used, but of course other simulation tools might be taken into consideration.

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