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Content archived on 2024-05-15

Deep water, remotely operate, connection of pipelines from marginal offshore oil and gas into existing large diameter transmission pipelines


Much of Europe's remaining offshore oil and gas reserves are in small marginal fields not connected tithe existing infrastructure of large diameter subset transmission pipelines. For efficient exploitation a method is required for connecting these fields, some of which are in deep water, into existing pipelines system. This project will develop a deepwater remotely operated system for connecting small diameter underwater pipelines into large diameter subset transmission pipelines. The system will operate without interrupting the flow, or reducing the pressure, of hydrocarbons inside the existing pipeline. Equipment exists for performing this type of operation (called Hot Tapping) onshore on low-pressure pipelines and in relativity shallow water with divers, in deep water or whilst maintaining bulwarking pressure on high-pressure subset pipelines. The project will develop, test and demonstrate a prototype system. New high-pressure sealing and cutting assemblies will be developed with the required deep water remote control and installation systems.

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