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Content archived on 2024-05-21

Absorbed natural gas system whith guard bed device (ANGUARD)


Objectives and Problems to be solved: Small scale or bulk storage of natural gas is problematic: most storage methods have high associated costs as well as operational restrictions on size, location, safety criteria and delivery rates. There is a clear need for a more efficient, lower cost and safer means of storage of natural gas, both for small scale portable applications in large scale district storage. The ANGUARD consortium intends to address this challenge by developing an innovative form of storage based on the use of adsorbed natural gas (ANG) in which natural gas is physically adsorbed on activated carbon. The key objective of this project is to develop a guard bed system to reversibly filter out trace components of natural gas during filling of the storage vessel. This will then be integrated by design with the main storage vessel for small and large-scale systems, thus enabling this technology across the entire range of storage capacities. Description of the work: A carefully planned and managed set of Work Packages has been devised to take the work to a successful conclusion. These include· Definition of guard bed requirements for both stationary and vehicle applications, · Identification and production of optimised guard bed adsorbent material, · Engineering laboratory testing of guard bed systems under simulated ANG adsorption cycles, · Development of a detailed model of adsorption kinetics, · Design, build and testing of a prototype vehicle guard bed assembly, · Scale-up design development· ANG safety assessment study These complementary elements will jointly produce a sound design capability for ANG storage and guard bed systems for application to both stationary storage and vehicle applications. Additionally, the project will provide a basis for pre-normative standards for ANG storage safety. Expected Results and Exploitation Plans: Exploitable outputs from ANGUARD will include optimised carbon adsorbents for guard beds, safety and reliability data, control systems for automated operation, software codes with experimental validation of adsorption models, an optimised guard bed prototype, operational data and design protocols. ANGUARD partners are intent on protecting IPR derived from the project. The potential EU and worldwide market for the technology is very large. The market potential for all applications will be quantified in more detail during the project, and a definitive plan will be produced with firm proposals for implementation.

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