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Content archived on 2024-05-23

Evaluation of standard test procedures for battery management components (STAR-BMS)


Objectives and problems to be solved :The objective of the project is the development of standard test procedures for the following components of lead acid battery management: charge and deep discharge-controller, state-of-charge indicator and state-of-health indicator. Standard test procedures will allow a comparative assessment of components available on the market and improved units and procedures developed in the future. It will further give possibilities for measuring improvement. Autonomous power supply systems need energy storage for their operation. Next to the battery storage device itself these systems contain components for the battery management such as charge controller, units for the state of charge indication and in the future units for the state-of-health indication. Description of work: A comparative assessment of the battery management components with respect to its function and its accuracy has not been possible yet in a satisfactory manner. This makes the assessment, the choice and the development of these components very difficult. Whereas the energy storage devices themselves often come from the respective country of application, the components for the battery management are being imported almost exclusively. Here, European based companies take up a strong position. To ensure and further develop the existing market for European manufacturers is an important motivation of this proposal. Main activities in the project will be:
- Comparison of the techniques of battery management functions.
- Determination of the demands and limits of the battery management components.
- Development of standardized tests for the following battery management components: charge and discharge controller, state-of-charge indicator and state-of-health indicator.
- Tests of selected components.
- Elaboration of the testing instructions. Expected results and exploitation plans:
- Definition of demands for battery management components- Standardized test procedures for battery management components- Test results- Testing instructions

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