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Direct Methanol Fuel Cell System for Car Applications( Dreamcar)

Exploitable results

The Dreamcar project was part of the EUCAR cluster, which had the general objective to obtain a matching set of components needed to assemble complete fuel cell car demonstrators. This project's goal was to develop a complete 5 kW direct methanol fuel cell stack operating over 140 C for use in cars. In order to meet this objectives, innovative cell components, hybrid membranes and catalysts, needed to be developed aiming at a power density of 300 mW/cm2. In the first phase of the project a 1.25 kW module would be designed, assembled and tested. The adjusted cell components, thermal, mechanical, electrical and water managements would be optimised. New catalysts and membranes would be developed. In the second phase the optimised components would be selected and the module design refined and upgraded to a 5 kW stack. Several research routes have been followed in order to fulfil the objective of a membrane electrode assembly (MEA) able to deliver a power of 250 at 130 °C with air feed. The cell design phase has been completed with regard to the single cell (100 cm2 active area) and 1.25 kW module (300 cm2 active area). The model has allowed a deeper knowledge of the system with regard to operating conditions (pressure, flow, temperature, etc.).