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Development of an absorption transport cooling system for trailors


The heat of the truck engine's exhaust gas, generally about 300°C, can be used to drive an absorption cooling system to generate cold. Absorption cooling systems can reach temperatures as low as -60°C. For the transportation of refrigerated goods a temperature of about -22°C and for cooled fresh goods O°C to 4°C is sufficient. It is also possible to use such systems for air conditioning of buses. The objective of this project is to develop a concept for the exhaust gas heat exchanger and vapour generator that have been designed for the proposed application. A prototype of the two components will be constructed and tested utilizing an absorption breadboard system. Compared to conventional cooling systems the absorption transport cooling system utilizes the energy required for the cooling process in a more efficient way through which a reduction in the primary energy demand to 60% can be achieved. To make the cooling process even more efficient, the absorption process is combined with controlled atmosphere technology.

Funding Scheme

EAW - Exploratory awards


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