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Development of the bipolar lead acid power source for hybrid electric vehicles


The Hybrid Electric Vehicle market is emerging. All hybrid vehicles, including fuel cell powered vehicles, need an energy storage system in order to facilitate regenerative breaking and peak power shaving. The Bipolar Lead Acid Power Source (BILAPS), that will be developed in the proposed project, offers the perspective of indeed being able to meet the severe requirements for this application. The BILAPS is based on the common SLI lead acid battery, that offers high power at low cost. In enabling HEV's to be built that operate at very high-energy efficiencies, combined with the efficient charge and discharge characteristics of the BILAPS, this will greatly contribute to meeting the Kyoto Agreements. It is expected that next to the HEV market, the BILAPS will also serve in the UPS market , the SLI market and the traction battery (BEV) market. The BILAPS will be developed by the in the proposal mentioned SME 's, thus gaining access to the increasing market of high power batteries.

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