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Alternative fuel for heavy duty (AFFORHD)


DME from natural gas will soon be a major fuel for power generation. DME can also be made from biomass for CO2 reduction. DME is suitable for both Diesel engines and Fuel Cells, providing a solution for the medium and the long-term. In addition there are no soot emissions, enabling EEV urban emission levels. All this will be proven in the AFForHD project by a well-balanced consortium. Anew and reliable DME fuel system is designed and developed by a leading R&D organisation. This development will benefit from fundamental wear research of a university. For prototyping the very demanding parts, the expertise of a subcontractor is hired. In parallel the injection and combustion of DME is optimised to exploit all the DME potential. Next an engine is tuned for EEVemissions and this technology is evaluated in a truck.

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