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Environmentally clean efficient, and easy to contact crystalline silicon solar cells (EC2 CONTACT)


The aim of EC2Contact (easy to contact) is to develop a metallisation process for crystalline silicon solar cells that is environmentally clean, highly efficient, and easy and robust processing. We will develop a metallisation process that is lead free, solvent free, and without silver waste. This topic is important to the end-user, partner P4, in applying for ISO14000, an international certified environmental care system. Metallisation is efficiency limiting due to high contact resistance and low conductivity. Our goal is to increase average efficiency by 10% relatively. The front side contact (3%), process yield (3%), and rear side contact (4%) will lead to this increase. Aluminium rear side reduces wafer strength and causes wafers to bend. Recently, scientists have shown that aluminium is necessary for high efficiency. Therefore, we will develop a new way of producing an aluminium rear contact. This will allow 30% thinner wafers to be used in production. We will increase process robustness further by widening the process windows by a factor of two. This will lead to a 3% average efficiency increase approximately. In total, EC2Contact will lead to a cost reduction of 40%.

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