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Content archived on 2024-05-23

Solar cell performance optimisation relating process tracking by imaging techniques with modelling (PORTRAIT)


Objectives and problems to be solved: The aim of the PORTRAIT project is to close a gap in the control and optimisation chain for future PV mass production: Control tools on the production equipment level supervising proper equipment functioning are already in use. Also global control tools at the factory level are available. The project provides the missing link for an effective performance control and optimisation, a tool at the solar cell level, relating raw data measured on cell precursors and finished cells to the final cell performance. Since strong lateral in homogeneities of material as well as of the process related parameters are frequently encountered, 2D data are expected to be essential for a valid prediction of performance variations. Modelling assisted process monitoring on the basis of 2D data will allow to pinpoint performance limits and variations to a specific reason. Description of the work: Four efforts are combined for achieving the project goals. 2D data of cell precursors and cells are retrieved in a comprehensible way in production environment. For this purpose a set of imaging instrumentation needs to be improved to a state where operator independent, fast and reliable results are obtained. The factors, which influence the measurement, need to be identified and controlled. For the first time 2D measurement data will be consequently included. 2. A software tool is developed capable of handling these data and relating them to the actual performance of the solar cells produced in a specific manufacturing line. 3. The proof of correlation of specific parameter variations to cell performance changes is then followed in the next turn by a minimisation of measurement and calculation time by data reduction methods without sacrificing significance's. The software code is supervised and finalised by an experienced software developer following best practice in order to guarantee easy data interfacing, reliability, maintainability and platform independence. Instrument and software development will be interacting with two different production types in order to finally deliver a widely applicable tool. The goal is, to prove the PORTRAIT method in production at the industrial partners by demonstrating the optimisation capability, while in parallel, the software is developed to a state, that makes it exploitable for solar cell production lines outside the consortium. Expected results and exploitation plans: Key deliverables of the project are:
1. the availability of characterisation techniques necessary to provide laterally resolved parameters in a short time,
2. a network model capable of handling 2D parameters,
3. the proof of the direct relevance for solar cell performance in production,
4. the final PORTRAIT software tool.

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