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Content archived on 2024-05-27

Coloured collector facades for solar heating systems and building insulation (COLOURFACE)


Objectives and problems to be solved :A set of aesthetically-coloured thickness-insensitive spectrally selective solar absorber paints based on environmentally friendly binder and pigment systems suited for glazed solar facade collectors, which could be produced by respective SME-companies and applied by collector manufacturers by spraying or brushing in the workshop or at the building itself. Guidelines for the application of solar facade collectors as part of the building envelope based on experimentally validated studies of their energetic performance, architectural appearance and impact on the building physics. The promotion of the increased use of solar thermal energy by solar facades applied to combined domestic hot water and space-heating systems. Description of the work: Thickness-insensitive selective solar paints will be formulated with proposed coloured pigments (black spinel, graphite, coloured pigment), pigments with a low thermal emittance (SnO2:Sb, Al flakes, graphite, oxide coated Al flakes) and acrylic or polysiloxane binder system and optimised with respect to the compatibility of pigments with the binder systems and their optical properties. A solar absorptance above 80% (black absorbers are in the range between 90% and 95%) and a thermal emittance below 50% is acceptable because of the need to achieve well-acknowledged aesthetics of the coating. A compromise between the price of the pigments in these paints and the achieved optical selective properties will be evaluated. A suitable accelerated durability test methodology will be developed on the base of the test methods for solar absorber coatings developed by the Solar Heating and Cooling Programme of the International Energy Agency, and applied to the coatings developed within this project. Questions of the structural physics (stagnation temperatures, moisture transport in the system wall-collector) as well as the evaluation of specific constructions with regard to thermal bridge effects will be handled by means of computer calculations. In order to find suitable software tools that enable manufacturers and planners to evaluate specific constructions, existing software models will be assembled and assessed. To pre-determine the distribution of the maximum temperatures a new model will be developed. The assessment of the models will be supported by experiments on different test facade collectors. Esthetical architectural solutions taking into account the colour of the absorber and of the frames of the collector / facade system, the type of glazing to be used on the collector(s), and the size and shape of these collectors relative to the size and shape of the whole facade will be created. Expected Results and Exploitation Plans:
- A choice of coloured selective solar absorber paints with approved durability for licensing
- Methodology for the assessment of architectural aspects
- Assembly of architectural solutions for the coloured collectors in the façade
- Design rules for collector facade arrangements
- Compilation of building regulations and standards The results of all activities will be combined in pilot solar facade systems.

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