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Content archived on 2024-05-15

Advanced adiabatic compressed air energy storage (AA-CAES)


AA-CAES addresses a new technology for electrical-energy storage: Advanced Compressed Air Energy Storage.
AA-CAES is a zero-emission storage technology with the potential to
- Develop utility-size products for centralised storage as well as modular products for distributed storage
- Enable medium to long-term storage at investment costs of 800 - 1200 /kW, 8 - 12 /kWh (at 100 h capacity) and at >70% efficiency
- Deliver ancillary services like production of reactive power, frequency and voltage control, hot spinning reserve. The target of this project is to develop the foundation for this "next but one generation" technology in a single step.
To do so, a multitude of challenges needs to be addressed:
- Development of suitable heat storage devices
- Development of operable, safe and economic plant concepts
- Development of compressors with very high outlet temperature
- Development of fast-response sliding-pressure turbines
- Accurate description of the economy of electrical-energy storage
- Thermo physical description of humid air at high pressures In the first phase of the project a broad range of solutions will be scanned. The second phase will focus on the 2 - 3 most promising concepts and in the third phase a conceptual design will be developed for a specific AA-CAES product.

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