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N-type solar grade silicon for efficient p+n solar cells (NESSI)


The proposed project will make highly n-doped silicon waste from the semiconductor industry available as a new source of low-cost feedstock for solar cells. Refining steps and equipment will be developed to reduce the do pant concentration by orders of magnitude. This will more than double the present quantity of usable waste silicon. The extra feedstock will be sufficient for 1.3- 1.8 Gap cumulative installed PV capacity in 2010, approx.50% of the EU target. In addition, the project will develop cell-processing technology for n-type wafers. By employing a wafer thickness of 200 micron and process steps such as self-aligned selective emitter and co-diffusion of emitter and back surface field, high conversion efficiency at low cost will be reached in accordance with EU targets for 2010 and beyond. Cells with efficiency of 15.5% will be produced in an industrial scheme,16.5% in a high-efficiency scheme. Both parts of the project will be tested at pilot scale in industry, and implementation will be prepared. The results will be available at an appropriate time, when a serious shortage is expected of the presently used feedstock for silicon solar cells.

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