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New complex hydrides for hydrogen storage


The most important unsolved problem for the introduction of the 'Hydrogen Economy' is efficient and safe storage of hydrogen. Hydrogen storage in hydrides is considered as the most attractive method, but the present metal hydrides do not fulfil the established goal by IEA of 5 weight% hydrogen and adsorption at temperatures below 353 K. A group of materials, so-called alienates, contains up to 10 wt% hydrogen. Because of their slow kinetics and lack of reversibility at moderate temperatures and pressures alienates have not been considered as candidates for hydrogen storage. However, recent research has shown the potential of alienates as novel hydrogen storage materials. This proposal focuses on different complex hydrides (alienates) that have been little studied with respect to hydrogen storage. Important innovative aspects of the proposal are: determination of structure and structure-property relationships of different alienates, studies of absorption/adsorption properties and in particular how this is influenced by the use of different catalysts and advanced preparation techniques. A major goal is the total assessment of new complex hydrides for hydrogen storage. In addition to syntheses of different alienates, the use of neutron scattering techniques (available at IFE) and different thermal characterisation will be important. The Physics Department at IFE has a very active group on hydrogen storage materials with several post docs and PhD students. IFE has unique equipment for materials characterisation, including direct access to neutron scattering facilities on site. The research on hydrogen storage materials will give a broad scientific training in the field of materials science and hydrogen technology. In addition, the applicant will get a great benefit by working in the forefront of science, operating highly sophisticated instruments, and interacting with IFE-scientists and visiting scientists working at IFE on hydrogen-related projects. The strong network to national and international collaborators gives possibilities for strong interaction with industry, research institutes and universities, including interaction with the applied research on hydrogen technology at IFE. The Physics Department is a dynamic group with a rich history of hosting foreign guests. IFE provides excellent facilities for housing, computers, library, laboratories and offices.

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