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Strategies for rehabilitation of metal polluted soils : in situ phytoremediaon, immobilization and revegetation. A comparative study


In this project work programme an evaluation/comparison will be made of two "soft" strategies which can be used for rehabilitation of metal polluted soils. Both strategies are based on phytoremediation : 1. Metal/metalloid immobilization by means of metal/metalloid binding soil additives, either with or without
2. revegetation and
3. metal bioextraction by means of accumulator plants. For moderately polluted soils a comparison will be made of metal immobilization and bioextraction by metal accumulating plants. For highly polluted, bare and/or scarcely vegetated areas a combination of pollutant immobilization and revegetation (using plant ecotypes with increased metal tolerance) is proposed to limit the environmental impact of these areas.

The following research tasks will be carried out during the project :
- Study of the mechanism and molecular genetics and metal tolerance, metal uptake and plant internal
metal transport, in order to develop plant material with more valuable characteristics for bioextraction.
- Laboratory trials on immobilization and bioextraction :
physico-chemical characterization of the
substrates, evaluation of efficiency of substrate treatments or immobilizing heavy metals, study of
effects of revegetation on percolation of pollutants and study of efficiency and feasibility of bio-exportation of metals from polluted substrates, study of metal accumulation capacity of transgenic
plants used for bioextraction, study of stress-tolerance of plants which can be used for revegetation.
- Field experiments : revegetation experiments, bioextraction experiments and evaluation of possibilities
of recuperation of extracted metals. The field trials will take place in 4 countries : Portugal, France,
Belgium (near the border with the Netherlands) and Finland.

Funding Scheme

CSC - Cost-sharing contracts


Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
1087,De Boelelaan
1081 HV Amsterdam

Participants (4)

Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique
71,Avenue Edouard Bourleaux 71
33883 Villenave-d'ornon
Limburgs Universitaire Centrum
Universitaire Campus
3590 Diepenbeek
Universidade de Trás-os-Montes e AltoDouro
Quinta De Prados
5001 Vila Real
University of Kuopio
70211 Kuopio