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Industrial risk assessment and management: a cognitive approach


The study is aimed at developing a method intended for identifying, estimating and managing the risks endangering the environment, natural resources and human health, and helping to develop a tool intended for preventing and managing these risks.

The land use planning process will be investigated through four case studies with chemical sites, after an initial study of the state of the art on land use planning methods. The core of the project will be the development of a practical methodology for land use planning where CICs are involved. The development will lead to a demonstration of the LUPACS method through some essential support tools and an educational program for the end users of such tools in regional administrations.
An integrated view of safety management requires that one considers both safety goals and indicators, different hazards, chemical sites as well as transport, and both accident prevention and mitigation. Characteristic to land use planning is the inclusion of risky activities and vulnerable objects in a common perspective, and the production of realistic planning criteria. Most risk regulation has been implemented through isolated decisions treating the siting problem one case at a time with only loose couplings to regional planning.
Along with current risk management methods, LUPACS will draw on modern Total Quality Management (TQM) techniques and tools and involve functions for monitoring of the activities and the safety status. The idea is to create a climate for long term decisions and continuous improvements of safety with the community and the CIC interacting efficiently in the process.
Education and training of the end users is considered an essential condition for successful use. Educational programs will therefore be developed as a part of the project.

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