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Content archived on 2024-05-14

Scientific model evaluation of dense gas dispersion models


To carry out a Scientific Model Evaluation of all dense gas dispersion models currently in use in Europe.

Any mathematical representation of the complex processes associated with the dispersion of dense gases in the atmospheric boundary layer, including the effects of aerosols, obstacles and variable terrain, involves making assumptions and usually the representation is only valid over a limited parameter range. Questions then immediately arise as to the suitability of a dense gas dispersion (DGD) model to a particular flow scenario. Are the relevant physical processes included and, if so, is the representation correct? Are the approximations reasonable? Is the parameter range appropriate? Has the model been validated, and for what conditions?
A Scientific Model Evaluation (SME) is an objective measure of whether a particular model is suitable for the particular use made of it. In this project a protocol for an SME of DGD models will be developed, an SME of all current DGD models in Europe will be carried out, using the protocol, with particular emphasis on the complex effects of aerosol formation, complex terrain and obstacles, and finally a methodology for Scientific Model Evaluation will be produced.

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