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The use of terrestrial model ecosystems (TMEs) to assess environmental risks in ecosystems


The objectie of the intended research project is to improve the hazard and risk assessment for chemicals by taking into account the complexity of ecosystems. To achieve this aim effects and fate of a selected chemical substance will be investigated in a terrestrial model ecosystem (TME). A TME consists of an encased intact soil-core which will be extracted from Euro-soil sites and stored under controlled environmental conditions. Euro-soils are representative for a wide range of soils found within the EU. Typical Euro-soils sites have been identified by the EU in five different countries (Greece, Italy, France, Great Britain, Germany) and will be used for the intended research project. Qualified institutions located close to the Euro-soil sites will become partners in the project. Site specific end-points as well as end-points common for all sites will be derived from field sutides conducted on Euro-sites simultaneously with the TME studies. Beyond the expected scientific achievements of the intended project acceptance from supranational organizations (e.g. OECD) wil lbe sought in order to implement the ring-tested and validated TME as a standardised guideline in the risk assessment procedure for chemicals.

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