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Experiments and simulations for improvement and validation of behaviour models of forest fires.


The EFAISTOS project constitutes the first part of the Europran behaviour model for forest fire, taking into account the lower layers of the forest fuels. This three year long project has three main objectives:
- the design and the development of an improved physical model, - the validation of this model by comparison with experimental results and bynumerical simulation,
- the design and the development of a Problems Solving Environment whichregroups all the tools which are necessary to design, to develop and tovalidate this model.
The specificity of this project is to associate very tightly (i) an experimental approach with laboratory experiments and experimental fires carried out in the forest, and (ii) a more theorrtæcal approach which tries to take into account all the phenomena which occur during the combustion process.
The improved physical model will be constitued with the elements selected from the existing physical models which have been validated and with the elements selected from the model based on the "multiphase flow" approach which will be designed and developed in the frame of this project. The experiments will be carried out with the forest fuels, resineous and broadleaves species, the most largely present in the Mediterranean communities. During this project, (i) the most modern instrumentation, particularly infrared sensors, (ii) the most recent single-phase and multiphase flows theories, (iii) the most advanced numerical solutions and source codes writings methods, (iv) the most efficient computer techniques to obtain a convenient Problems Solving Environment, will be largely used.
Divided in ten tasks, the research activities will be developed in experimental tasks (TO2, TO3, TO4), validation tasks (TO5, TO9) modelling tasks (TO6, TO7, TO8, TO9). The research tasks TO1 and T10 will insure the coherence of all the project.
This project regroups searchers from France, Denmark, Greece, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and Australia. It regroups foresters, physicists, fluid dynamicists, applied mathematicians and computer scientists.

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