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European forest observations by radars


EUFORA is a methodological research project proposed by a consortium of recognised specialists in Europe in the field of radar remote sensing of forests.
The objectives of the proposal are:
1) to evaluate the most advanced radar remote sensing research results with respect to forest information required in environment and climate studies, and also in forest management operations;
2) to validate methods and results in different European sites, in order to define unified methods applicable in European context.
Users in forestry and environmental monitoring at national and E.U. Ievel will contribute to the project by defining the relevant forest information to be retrieved and to evaluate the results.
The project is proposed to occupy a two year period and will include the following activities:
1) Cross validation of methods available among forum members in terms of forest conditions (sites in Finland, Sweden, France, UK, Switzerland) and in terms of methodology used. The radar data include satellite and airborne data, existing and to be acquired during the project. 2) Conduct of 2 joint experiments, one in Finland and one in France, with airbome systems operated by team members during satellite acquisition, in order to resolve discrepancies and to improve our understanding of specific topics (e.g; biomass retrieval, forest interferometry). 3) Synthesis of the results and development of methods applicable to a large range of forest conditions in Europe. The results will be evaluated quantitatively by users of forest information at national and E.U. Ievel (the subcontractors will make significant contributions to these aims) An evaluation of the results in terms of their contribution to climate studi will be given.
We anticipate providing unified methods for the following:
- mapping of forest / non-forest and mapping of broad leaf / coniferous forestusing multitemporal intensity and / or interferometric ERS data. - forest change detection (seasonal, freeze / thaw, clearcutting, storm, firedamage (if any)) using multitemporal / interferometric ERS data. - forest biomass parameter extraction using ERS interferometric andcomplementary airborne data..

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