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Development of a consistent methodology to derive land cover information on a European scale from remote sensing for environmental modelling


Work is described towards partial fulfilment of the objectives for the Environment and Climate Workprogramme, under Theme 3, Area 3.1 'Methodological research and pilot projects'.
The primary research objective is that described for Section 3.1.1 'Methodological research', namely to develop a generally applicable methodology to compose a consistent land cover database for continental Europe. This project will also partly fulfil the re4uirements of Section 3.1.2. 'Pilot projects'. By performing case studies the applicability of satellite derived land cover information will be illustrated.
The specific aims of research activities are:
- to develop a general]y applicable methodology to map land cover at the scaleof Europe;
- to establish a land cover database for continental Europe with a resolutionof 1-km for environmental monitoring, climate research and agriculturalapplications;
- to apply models to estimate probable impacts of land cover / land use relatedto different kinds of pollution, e.g. nitrate and phosphate threat,emissivity of volatile organic components;
- to develop a method for monitoring land cover change at European scale; - to improve the support towards decision-makers concerning environmentalissues.
The proposal is divided into three main phases over a period of 3 years. Phase 1: development of methods for small scale land cover mapping and monitoring
Phase 2: regional classifiation experiments
Phase 3: environmental, climatic and agricultural applications

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