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Application of photographic and photometric technology in environmental UV-monitoring


It is the aim of the intended project to develop an easy to handle biological UV-dosimetry system for routine applications. The technology will be based on the biological UV-sensitive system "biofilm", which has been characterised during the Third RTD framework Programme of the European Communities. Emphasis will be laid on the development towards procession in large series according to public health needs and environment protection requirements. The RTD work will include (1) the definition of the statement of work, comprising the whole procession of steps from the production of the biofilm UV dosimeter through UV exposure, calibration and procesing up to the fianl data analisys, (2) the design and construction of prototypes for the different system subunits and their acceptance and verification testing, (3) the establishment of a quality control system for routine characterisation and calibration of the biological UV-dosimetry system, (4) an extensive assessment of potential users, based on demographic and market investigations. The project will allow an expansion of the scope of activities of the SMEs to applications in environmental monitoring. The exploratory phase will include the following four elements: (1) a detailed RTD work programme, (2) a novelty verification and economic impact assessment, (3) the search of competent partners, and (4) a research feasibility study, which will assess the feasibility of converting biofilm production, processing and analysis from laboratory to technical scale. The results of this technical feasibility study and the assessment of the scopeof potential users will be implemented in the expension of the proposal and the detailed definition of the work programme.

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