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Calamities information system


The objective of CALIS (CALamity lnformation Siystem) is to integrate the tecnnology into the process of monitoring and assessing the damages caused by climatic disasters to agriculture (drought, flood, windstorm, frost, etc ...) in view of indemnifying the farmers who have suffered a prejudice. Besides the farmers, the two main actors of the play are the insurance companies and the public authorities.
CALIS is for all these reasons an user driven project. The basic innovation does not lie in the EO technology, but in the set-up of an end-to-end preoperational service, in the integration of a dedicated information system and the automation of a Process.
CALIS is clearly an EO dissemination and operationalisation project; some insurers (like GROUPAMA) already used some EO but never implemented an end-to-end information system capable of making best use of the experience accumulated; the insurers appear indeed as new users, widening the EO market. What are the expected project achievements? Following items have to be considered as the project endproducts:
- the methodology for using EO in the damage assessment life cycle, - the expertise data base accumulated during the project durations offeringthe absolutely necessary comparison with the incoming natural events, - the integrated CALIS information system implemented on 4 sites (France,Greece, Spain, Canada) with a central data server implemented in Spain. Which are the objectives in terms of system functionality?
CALIS implements an end-to-end system interfacing with existing data providers with two main functionalities:
- a continuously activable and or activated alert system which detects theanomalous trends,
- a damage assessment system taking profit of the expertise databaseaccumulated all along the system exploitation.
The project prerequisite technology is available at the consortium members. There is no risky development precedent. Moreover, the project is taklng full profit of too other ongoing projects:
- ISIS (ESPRIT 20255)

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