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Biosensors for Environmental Monitoring/Environmental Technologies


The aim of the proposed Concerted Action is to enhance the development of biosensors for practical applications in environmental monitoring. The universal applicability of biosensors places them clearly at the core of any programme to address future technology for environmental monitoring in real matrices. The technology is capable of measuring both existing and new parameters of relevance to the environment and of responding to a multiplicity of agents which are simultaneously present The work is expected to result in the development of new "tools" of high interest to the wider scientific community.

The proposed Concerted Action concerns biosensors for monitoring environmental pollutants in air, water, soil and waste. Priority will be given to development of existing biosensors for routine application in environmental monitoring; biosensors capable of measuring new parameters of relevance to the environment; extending the range of situations where biosensors may be applied to monitor the environment under extreme conditions, and the development of integrated sensor systems capable of measuring several parameters simultaneously under real operational conditions. The main targets on which biosensor development will be focused are ground water, surface water, effluents, air, improvement of preventive technologies, control of waste disposal sites, and efficiency control of remediation activities.
The project involves four major tasks:

Task 1 : Involvement of industrial producers and
users in addressing problems of mass production and of performance in real conditions, in order to bring to fruition the useful application of existing biosensors.

Task 2 : Enhancement of understanding of new analytical demands, including new parameters to describe environmental phenomena and effects, and the potential of biosensors to satisfy these demands.

Task 3 : Definition of specific environmental tasks as targets for biosensor development.

Task 4 : Identification of paths to resolve the most effective biosensors for use in monitoring integrated industrial waste (including air contaminants) and for use in waste water management in order to promote a clean environment.

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