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Concerted action on forecasting prevention and reduction of landslide and avalanche risks


In several regions in Europe, especially along rivers and in mountainous areas, the topography and the geological structure is of such a character that the risks of natural catastrophes, e.g. landslides and avalanches, are evident when certain conditions are fulfilled. Hydrological, hydrogeological, geological and geotechnical factors influence the probability of the occurrence of such catastrophes, as do the interference with the natural environment by human actions, such as tourism and land-use.
The aim of the Concerted Action is to increase the knowledge of risk assessment as well as monitoring and warning systems for landslides and avalanches by dissemination of RTD results and technology transfer. The focus will be on forecasting, prevention and reduction of risks.
This principal aim shall be pursued by realising the following objectives:
- Improve dissemination and exploitation of RTD results from current,successful Environment and Climate projects as well as nationally fundedprojects in the proposed RTD area
- Promote technology transfer between European countries and provide a linkbetween research institutions and industry
- Exchange of experience between experts of different disciplines (geotechnicalengineers, geologists, land-use planners, climatologists and hydrologists)
- Contribute to market introduction of successful RTD results through workshopsfor researchers and users of geotechnological knowledge
Within the scope of the work, the anticipated result of the Concerted Action's activities is to identify, develop and promote best practice.
The Concerted Action will consist of two Expert Meetings and two Workshops in a period of two years. A Steering Group will be responsible for the planning and the delivery of the outputs from the Concerted Action.

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