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Biospheric controls on trace gas fluxes in northern wetlands


Principal investigators: Torben R. Christensen (Sweden, Coordinator), Bo Svensson (Sweden), Pertti Martikainen (Finland), David Lloyd (UK), Richard Harding (UK), Halldor Thorgeirsson (Iceland), Henrik S0gaard (Denmark), Nicolai Panikov (Russia)

We propose an interdisciplinary project investigating the biological, physical and chemical controls on trace gas exchange in northern wetlands. Special emphasis will be on the interaction between wetland plant production and methane emissions at a variety of scales. A central concept in the proposed study is to work on the interface between different scales of studying trace gas emissions in an attempt to integrate process oriented mechanistic understanding of the controls on trace gas production and consumption with landscape and larger scale modelling of ecosystem/atmosphere exchange of greenhouse gases.

The approaches will be

i) laboratory incubations of peat and live plant material
ii) comparative field experiments along a transect of northem wetland sites with different vegetation, climate and soil conditions
iii) intensive micrometeorological work at the landscape scale at an intensive study site
iv) large scale ecosystem source modeling based on dynamic models developed at the landscape scale.

Synthesis of data and models brought forward through this hierachy of scales will form a central new achievement of the proposed project.
The project is proposed as an integral component of TERI under section (Ecosystem functioning) in the Environment and Climate Work Programme. The project forms part of an effort to implement FATE (Feedbacks from Terrestrial Ecosystems), a Prioritised Science Plan developed under IASC (International Arctic Science Committee) and adopted jointly by the IGBP-GCTE Programme.
The project builds on cooperation among partners who combine very extensive experience rariging from technical developments in laboratory and field measurements of methane profiles and fluxes to methane source model development and application at local to global scales.

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