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Identification and substitution of mutagenic dyes in textile finishing


Numerous reports regarding mutagenic and carcinogenic substances in textiles in recent years have made consumers become unsure. The majority of textile processing chemicals are existing substances ("Altstoffe") and are therefore often insufficiently researched and tested. Although test methods for mutagenicity are available, this problem has not yet been targeted. Therefore, this proposal is going to identify mutagenic textile dyes with the aim to eliminate them from textile dyeing processes. This work shall be done in close cooperation with the involved industry. The waste water streams of the finishing textile process, dyes, and textiles will be examined for mutagenicity and the sources for these mutagenic effects will be identified. The elimination of these hazardous substances shall lead to considerable improvements in industrial health and safety standards during the dyeing process, improvement in the waste water quality and especially to better consumer protection. SMEs in the area of textile refining from various EU countries will take part in this project. This will guarantee that the different types of textile dyes and the legal backgrounds from the various EU countries will be taken into account. The project will result in an increased confidence in the ecological quality of European textile products, which will lead to a competitive advantage in the world wide textile market.

Funding Scheme

EAW - Exploratory awards


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