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Avalanche and landslip early reporting technology


This research is aimed at finding the most suitable heating system for not continous use in churches. The heating system will be tested and developed also for a good energetic efficiency, so that the technology will lesscn the impact on the natural environment. Churches preserve infact an immense number of works of art: paintings on canvas or tablets, frescoes, statues, decorations, ancient books, tapestries and so on. This patrimony is often at risk in absolutely inappropriate conditions of heating, as nowadays people require a comfortable climate during the day of the liturgy. The SMEs proposers are looking forward to cooperate in defining and producing a heating system suitable both for people and works of art preserved in churches. Besides they intend to develop a monitoring system able to describe ambient parameters variation, in ordcr to avoid the artefacts damage. The system will monitor parameters such as temperature, humidity, indoor ventilation and infrared and ultraviolet components in lighting systems. One of the aims of this project is to stimulate the industrial research and production in this field and arrive at a global demonstrative example (i.e. including heating, insulating and ambient monitoring) that will be scientifically evaluated in order to remove any doubt to whoever is interested to follow it. The scientific and technical objectives of this research proposal concern: the exploration of characteristics and dynamics of avalanches and landslips the development of suitable hardware components (sensor systems) for the prediction of avalanche i landslip events the development of suitable software components (algorithms, programs) for event predictionintegration of hardware and software components to an "EARLY WARNING SYSTEM (EWS)" As a result of the program, an EWS will be demonstrated in praxi.

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