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Development of a sorption method for nitrate and nitrite on polymers by means of the SGS-principle


The aspired research project has an European importance due to nitrite andnitrate concentrations in the ground water above the guiding and limitingvalues over whole regions. The mean disadvantages of available technologies fordenitrification up to date are the increasing costs. To solve this problem the applicants propose the application of new ion exchanger materials (polymers of spatial globular`structure). These materials open completely new fields for theion exchange technology and sorption processes, due to the fast layer kinetics.The aim of this proposal is the examination of the employment of the SGSpolymers leading to an effective variant concerning the recovery of nitrate andnitrite from the ground water.

Funding Scheme

EAW - Exploratory awards


Umwelttechnologietransfer GmbH
10787 Berlin

Participants (1)

Ain Géotechnique SARL
15,Rue Balland
01104 Oyonnax