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A low emission technology for the production of tailored silica from wollastonite


This project develops a totally new industrial process technology for the production of precipitated and tailored silica, which compared to current technology leads to a large and integrated reduction of harmful emissions, while at the same time consuming less energy. The project scales up laboratory technology to a pilot plant which can produce precipitated and tailored silica from the interaction of wollastonite (calcium silicate) and sulphuric or other acids for use in the construction and synthetic mineral industries. This two stage process must initially produce precipitated silica from the reaction process, which after separation, can be tailored to the technical specifications of the end users. In particular this concerns the use of silica in special concretes, where silica addition increases strength, durability and flowing properties during casting. In addition to being demonstrably environmentally cleaner, the technology is potentially far cheaper than current processing. The SME's forming the core group are producers and technology developers of raw materials who will benefit greatly by the co operation envisaged in the project, as well in later post project developments. The expanding market for precipitated silica is estimated at 15 20 M tons annually


Geochem Research B.V.
3584 CJ Utrecht

Participants (1)

MEVIOR - Mining and Industrial Minerals SA
77,Mitropoleos Street
54622 Thessaloniki