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Content archived on 2024-05-14

Concerted action on environment technology


CENTEC is a proposal for a Concerted action on ENvironment TEChnology.
The aim is to treat the following issues on a common European basis:
*) Tools to compare environmental technologies to guide respective research and facilitate applications.
*) Appropriate environmental technologies for non-industrialized countries *) Identification of necessary R&D contributions to the concept of Best Available Technologies
*) Conversion of conventional prevention techniques into integrated environmental technologies
*) Waste stream technologies

These topics result from the priorities of problems identified during the workshops of EU funded projects in Vienna, Hanover and Copenhagen.They will be treated on the basis of 5 Working Groups to bring together research, legislation and industry to assure appropriate coordination, multidisciplinarity and best use of funds. This will also help to avoid duplication of work, attract new partners for projects and the solution of problems. The Working Groups will elaborate the specified task list of the topics above with the emphasis to integrate national programmes and other European efforts, projects and programmes.

To assure a continuous and efficient contact within the Working Groups and to allow all interested persons from research, industry and involved organisations to take part in the exchange of information and to assure a broad use of informations gathered, the work will be done primarily on the basis of e-mail and net-groups. Widely disseminated information about the concerted action and the general possible access will ensure a multidisciplinary approach to the themes of the Working Groups. The results of the Working Groups will be presented and discussed in workshops to be used in research, legislation and industry with the following structure:

*) Present situation, state of the art and existing solutions, national and European funded approaches and goals of programmes, facilities and equipments,
*) Future applications based on existing or foreseeable legislative and demands including principles of sustainability, integrated environmental technology and
*) Necessary actions for R&D work on the basis of the european task priorities, research priorities for future applications, development of networks and methods of communication.

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